O'Carroll Images | About
I have been taking pictures for as long as I can remember, but when my first daughter was born I just couldn't stop taking pictures. Then my second daughter came along, and my hobby became somewhat of an obsession. Then my wonderful husband bought me my dream camera and I couldn't be stopped. I continued to improve my skills and passion through classes and workshops. I am pleased to call this passion my career.

Having been a teacher in my previous profession, I believe it helps me to relate to the the children I am photographing. I have never met a stranger, children, teenagers, and adults alike. My friends tell me I have the unique ability to pull people out of their shells. I hope this comes through in my photography.

I have always loved photography, and for years dreamed of doing it professionally. With the support of my loving family and my friends who have all encouraged and supported me, this dream is a reality. I love what I am doing and I hope you see that in my work. I believe photography is about capturing life, and I hope you will allow me the honor of capturing a bit of yours.